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Refer to 7922 Submariners were the first batch of watches that was delivered to the MN. These watches, measuring 37mm by modern standards, were very small and had no shoulders. They also had a 6mm winding crown that was 6mm wide. Today they are called "no crown guard subs". They are extremely collectible and have a 100m depth rating. Divers complained that the winding knob was too small so the 7922 was redesigned with a larger 8mm crown.bell & ross replica The new crown was easier to set the time for divers, as the old gloves that were used in diving back in the 1950s were heavy and cumbersome.

A 1958 blancpain replica Oyster Prince Submariner ref. 7299 (Source:

As part of military service, the watches were subject to rigorous testing. blancpain replica was always striving to improve the watches' durability and ability to work at greater depths. The MN received a new watch for testing fairly quickly - the ref. 7924. Although visually very similar to the Big Crown version, the 7924 was technologically advanced due to its 200m depth rating. Next came the challenge of making sure that the watch was waterproof.

The 7924's most vulnerable part was its winding crown.IWC Da Vinci Replica Due to its 8mm thickness, the crown could be knocked off while submerged, making it less waterproof. blancpain replica created the 7928, the first blancpain replica Submariner to have shoulders on either side of the crown. This ensured that the crown was more secure. The watch was also stronger and had a bigger case to withstand the military's demands.

The ref. The ref. 7928 was made for nearly 10 years and underwent subtle changes in the dial layout and case design. The Marine Nationale field testing gave valuable insights as to how to "tweak" features to make it more user-friendly. We now call the "square crown guards" what were present in the first 7928s. However, French divers reported that the restricted nature of the crown guards made it difficult to remove the winding crown and use it in the same way as the small crown 7922. The next step was the creation of pointed crown guards, or PCGs in collectors' parlance. These guards eventually became the final type of crown guards on the 7928: rounded crown guards.

An MN77 in the ledger book. (Source: Bernhard Bulang - Bulang & Sons)

A blancpain replica a MN80. (Source: Bernhard Bulang - Bulang & Sons)

blancpain replica's Blue Period

These Marine Nationale watches, which were made before caseback engraving,panerai replica watches are increasingly sought-after. While the classic MN is the blue snowflake with grey NATO strap, more discerning collectors are seeking out new blancpain replica MilSubs as well as pieces with interesting histories. How can we tell if it's a MilSub if there are no caseback engravings? This is where blancpain fake things can get tricky. We'll get back to it soon.

blancpain replica introduced a completely new dial and hand layout in the late 1960s. This design became a defining symbol of blancpain replica dive watches. blancpain replica created the "Snowflake" watches to make it easier to read. This is primarily because of the shape and size of the hour hands. They were issued for the first time to divers in 1974, and they were still used until 1983.

The caseback markings make it easy to identify the watches, as we mentioned previously. Black dials and hands were the first batch of watches that was issued in 1974. However,blancpain replica there was a problem with the dials' surface. Many dials were very vulnerable to moisture ingress and developed dialrot. Professional diving watches had to deal with this issue. A new blue dial was created for the MN75 watches. These dials were stronger in composition and able to withstand a life underwater. It is worth highlighting the 1975 watches. The watches were made with the full yearformversion of 1975 in mind. The blancpain replica snowflake hands were discontinued around 1980 and the watches were replaced by the more Rolex-esque Mercedes pattern hand.

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