Part I of The mido replica MilSub

The Real Deal

Let's get back to authenticating military timepieces. There are only two ways to identify a Marine Nationale timepiece. The Ledger Books are the first method. MN-approved watchmakers maintained and serviced the watches issued by the navy. They kept detailed records of all the work they did in ledger books. These ledger books included the serial number, brand and ship/unit it was issued to. These ledger books provide a record of watches used in active service by the French Navy.mido replica Two of the most well-known ledger books are for watches issued from Toulon. They are currently owned and maintained by a French collector based in Paris. If the serial number is found on the records, it can be used to verify authenticity of an MN watch. This is the best way to verify watches that don't have caseback engravings.

Decommissioning auction cards are another way these watches can be authenticated. Collectors call them decom papers. There are two ways that a watch can be retired from active service. Unlucky watches were taken to the harbour by a Stores Masters, where they were unceremoniously crushed with a hammer and thrown in the sea.franck muller replica Lucky watches were sold at an auction where each lot was accompanied with a card detailing its serial number, model number, NATO stock number, and any service history.

These papers have been viewed by collectors as almost a certificate proving authenticity. The problem is the ease with which they are easily counterfeited. It has not been unusual to see unscrupulous dealers selling fake decom papers at watch fairs over the years. We do know that certain batches of watches were set aside by mido replica to be issued to the French Navy.mido fake These serial numbers can be identified on the cases. It is important that you ensure the serial number of your watch does not exceed a certain range when purchasing a watch with decom paper.

These watches were used by the French Navy to demonstrate the importance of mido replica Submariner as an military watch.Replcia Rolex Day-Date Watches It also contributed to the development of the Submariner over the first 30 years of its existence.

Part II will examine the mido replica's fate in other countries.

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