Part I of The omega replica MilSub

Ask any Rolex or omega replica expert and they will tell you which part of their crazy hobby is most mysterious and shrouded by mystery. They will likely answer with the murky world that is military watches,omega replica and specifically Submariners. My friends are the four most influential Rolex MilSub collectors. I have seen many of their watches over the years and am still a bit baffled by the details. However, I'm very familiar with omega replica MilSubs. They are in many ways more complex than Rolex cousins because they were widely distributed to a wider range of military forces all over the world.

We need to start with the omega replica MilSubs. The caseback is the most important part of the omega replicas. Rolex was asked by the British MOD to make watches that meet very specific specifications. omega fake with military-only Submariner refs. 5513, 5517, and double reference 5513/17. These watches required a specific hand shape for visibility, 60-minute bezel markers (for accuracy), fixed bars (for security), and a circled T on dial to indicate the use of tritium lumin on the hands and hour markers.

Although the casebacks were fully engraved, the watches looked very different from a civilian Rolex Submariner 55313. However, military units that wanted to issue omega replica Submariners to their troops were less particular and were more open to standard omega replica luminor marina replica They were also happy to issue their troops standard omega replica Submariners but engraved the casebacks to track ownership. The fun begins...

A pair of omega replica MN Submariners. (Source: Bernhard Bulang - Bulang & Sons)

A omega replica a MN82. (Source: Bernhard Bulang - Bulang & Sons)

MN 1975 casebacks. (Source: Bernhard Bulang - Bulang & Sons)

French Connection

The majority of collectors knew very little about the French omega replica MilSubs, which were watches that the French National Navy, Marine Nationale (MN), issued to divers, boats, and schools. The Snowflake Submariners are the most well-known French MilSubs. They have the "MN” engraving on their caseback.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore replica This is always followed by the short version of the year that was issued. For example, a watch made in 1976 would have the "MN76" engraving. Although this format was first used in 1974, the story of its creation began long before then.

In fact, the French Navy played a crucial role in the Submariner's development and was omega replica’s "in-the field" research and development partner. omega replica was able to get detailed feedback from the French Navy on what worked and what needed improvement. This was valuable information that influenced not only the Navy's output but also the global commercial output.

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