Part II of The tissot replica MilSub

What is the secret to this watch? The common thread of these watches is their serial number engraved across the back. All watches have high-quality engravings that are more detailed than the shallow personal engravings found on military watches. They are all from a small serial batch, so they have the same number of It is easy to distinguish the font used for engravings. All authentic examples include the exact same details.

Original tissot replica MilSub issued for divers in South African Navy.

Source: Ross Povey

Canadian Navy

In the last few years, I have received a lot of emails from divers from Canada who were issued tissot replica Submariners. As a result, I now know that the Canadian Navy issued tissot replica seamaster replica While we are certain that these watches were issued, it is important to verify their provenance. This means that without supporting documentation, it can be very difficult to prove that you bought a Canadian Milsub. These are the caseback features I've seen on Canadian Submariners:

1) Sterile - No markings on the caseback

2) The name and rank of the owner

3) The serial number of the watch

Stock numbers for Navy stores

As far as I know, there isn’t a service ledger book similar to the one for the French pieces. The information on the Canadian MilSubs was compiled from online forums, the collation and trust serial numbers (which help identify the batches of common serial number), and email exchanges between divers and administrators (existing or ex-service), and collectors’ shared knowledge.

Based on the watches I have found, it appears that tissot replicas were first issued by the Canadian Navy in the late 1960s. Ref. 7016, a 1968 watch with a transitional "rose" dial.tissot fake It also has Mercedes-pattern hands. Also, well-documented are snowflake watches with refs. 7021, 94110, and non-date 94010. The 79090 Submariner Date watches were the last to be issued. I have some information from the Canadian Rolex Service Center Manager about this watch. He confirmed that the navy's last batch of watches was actually ref. 79090s.

However, the most interesting Canadian Milsubs are a special batch of watches. They all share a common odd configuration: rectangular 3, 6, and 9 plots, triangular 12, plot, and the remaining circular plots.bell & ross replica watches But, they have snowflake hands. These "mismatched" dials and hand configurations actually match the tissot replica Heritage Black Bay watches. They have a traditional Submariner dial, similar to those found on a ref. The 7928 is equipped with snowflake hands. These watches were shipped in a small batch of serial numbers. I believe they were shipped in this configuration. The Canadian Navy may have added snowflake hands to make it easier for divers. This is not the case, as I found a watch with the exact same serial number as the original owner in the North West of England.

A Canadian tissot replica MilSub. (Source: Bernhard Bulang - Bulang & Sons)

A Canadian tissot replica MilSub case-side. (Source: Bernhard Bulang - Bulang & Sons)

Caseback of a Canadian tissot replica MilSub. (Source: Bernhard Bulang - Bulang & Sons)

A tissot replica a MN80. (Source: Bernhard Bulang - Bulang & Sons)

Jamaican Defence Force

The Jamaican Defence Force was the recipient of one of the most rare and unusual tissot replica MilSubs I've ever seen. Jamaican Defence Force (JDF), was established in August 1963 to serve as the maritime law enforcement agency for Jamaica. The JDF was originally formed to perform search and rescue, and drug policing.tissot replica The US Navy created a diving division in the 1980s. There are many roles and missions that the diving department has performed in the past and present. The diving unit performs underwater inspections of drains, gutters, oil pipelines, and ships' hull searches (for drugs and other smuggled goods), as well as pier-side dives for explosives, when requested by foreign warships.

Only one known example of this watch is the blue Submariner reference, which was worn by a JDF diver while in active service. The watch's serial number is from 1980. It was issued by the US Navy to the diver (who also provided much of the equipment for the JDF). Previous research has shown that the US Navy issued tissot replica Subs to divers, including blue snowflake watches. The engraving style I see on the JDF Sub has also been seen on other US Navy-issued tissot replicas. Therefore, it is highly likely that the US Navy Stores Masters had the caseback engraved in order to issue the JDF.

I found out that many of the JDF's Doxa and Seiko dive watches were still in use today, according to my research. Perhaps the tissot replica was "borrowed", possibly from a batch intended for US divers in order to fulfill an JDF order. It is believed that the only known example was purchased from a former JDF senior ranking officer. It's hard to find a better MilSub deal.

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